Constellation, a joyful creative chaos dominated by astral symbols, between shades of darkness and moon white, refined as 3D mosaics. Each sign of the zodiac is found on embroidered cushions with a dark nocturnal background, imitated in printed form on a light background, or as an artistic bas-relief on the precious backrest covers of the chairs. Allover symbol fabric (Zodiac) covers armchairs and sofas, and as a wraparound throw (Constellation Plaid). With inimitable jacquard workmanship, this cosmic story includes an eclectic parade of refined and spectacular textures: shaded micro-ripple design (Aconcagua), precious embroidered polychrome tiles (Amarillo), and airy and iridescent rib relief (Andes). New in furniture: resinon-glass coffee tables (Art Glass), masterpieces of artisan technique, with a gleaming round top in fiery tones of sky and dark. The innovative solid wood Miss Wood chairs and Dinner Table in anthracite shades. The precious hand knotted rug with an optical magnetism (Acklins). The solid half-cone design pouf supported by a rounded wood base (Gemma).