An airy, light and shimmering atmosphere. Between watercolour and fresh tones, different textures give space to the ambience and agilely intersect. Stripes of flames, clouds and lines with changing densities and physiognomies, alternate jacquards and prints (Avignon and Alicante). Climbing vines, illuminated by the sun,
appear on heavy canvas (Antibes) and on transparent gauze (Arles). In a sophisticated palette of creamy neutrals,
chevrons are reinvigorated (Agadir and Ambon). There are also panels of multicolour squares on rugs (Arzachena and Algarve). Among the outdoor solutions, the focus is on the flamed canvas (Atacama outdoor) and the striped double-face macrodrill jacquard (Andalusia Outdoor). New ideas for the bathroom and bedroom: notes of coral red and watercolour aspects on super soft towels (Allan, Ayrton), and faded pastel chevron or flower-shaped bath mats (Amone and Aretha). For bed linen, soft and flowery prints (Abigail and Abbie) and pastel zigzags (Andres).