In the 80s, Ottavio Missoni bought a set of boards with the Chinese horoscope signs, featuring the unmistakeable touch of eclectic artist, Piero Zuffi. These zoomorphic figures, with almost mythological masks are framed like paintings. Alongside are ideograms, designed with a delicate geometric precision and in bas-relief. The 12 characters from the original artwork (ox, dog, goat, horse, dragon, rooster, rabbit, pig, monkey, snake, tiger and rat) inspired by the lunar calendar, are reproduced with skillful mastery on tactile fabrics. Printed cotton satin and dense multicolour embroideries feature and large silk “toppers”, like a scarf, decorate the sofas. The theatrical nature of the figurative characters give spirit to the colourful cushions, this is accentuated as the reverse is in tones of variegated grey. The symbolic figures intertwine with the elusive maze of ideograms. The chiaroscuro is in Yin and Yang balance. The vibrancy of almost silvery tones on the fabric, like a historiated bas-relief, confer a lightness to all complements.

Horoscope, for its ability to adapt to any environment and the unmistakable character, is an ongoing collection.